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Well Systems

Perhaps you already have a well with a pump on your property and have recently been experiencing problems. You may not be sure if there is a problem with your pump or if there is an insufficient water supply in the well. We can troubleshoot your problem and provide a quick and cost effective solution. It is usually difficult to diagnose a pump problem over the phone but we can schedule a service call to repair it.

Pump Installation:

When you need our water well services to install a water well pump, we can be there when you need us. We can get your water well working in no time with our excellent team of installers, ready to tackle your water well. We strive to provide the best installation services to keep your pump running for years to come.

Water Well Repair:

When you need to call on our water well services for water well repair, don't hesitate to call Thunder Well and Pump. We know that repairing a water well is far less expensive than installing a brand new one so you don't want to waste any time when you start to have issues. We can handle any challenging repair you throw our way. We are proud of  water well services and repairs and can diagnose and fix the issue standing between you and a great working well. We offer water well repair services in Manchester, NH and surrounding areas.

Preventative Well Maintenance:

Did you know that Thunder Well and Pump Services perform preventative well maintenance on your well, you can save your well from having problems before they start. The pumping equipment and the well are equally important.   Call us today to set up your yearly maintenance.

Hydro Fracking

As a long-time leader in the field, Thunder Well and pump company is pleased to offer this introduction to well development, maintenance and rehabilitation. Usually a well is a fairly simple structure, requiring very little in the way of regular upkeep. In most wells, the pumping equipment requires more maintenance than the well itself. When problems arise, a well may need hydro-fracturing or maintenance to improve or restore water flow. Our website explains the basics of how and why that is done and the approach we take to solving your well problems.

If you have a dry or low producing well, hydro-fracturing is your answer! With an existing well or when drilling a new one, Thunder well and pump Company can increase your water flow by expanding natural-occurring cracks in the rock with high pressure water. These cracks, which many times are in abundance around the well bore, can show a significant increase in well output after the hydro-fracturing process has been applied.

This technology was developed by the oil and gas industry to obtain higher production from their wells and offers a proven and cost-effective alternative to deepening or drilling a new well.

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