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At Thunder Well and Pump we are experts at drilling new rock wells, gravel wells, irrigation wells and Geo Thermal wells.  If your existing well has low yield we can also improve your existing well by deepening and/or hydrofracturing.  If you have an old abandoned well on your property we are also fully equipped to decommission an old or unused well.


We strive to attain the best flow available in your well. Our well drilling rigs are equipped with the equipment and technology that gives us the ability to increase the flow of virtually each and every well with the process of hydrofracturing. Under high pressure, water is forced into the well at various depths. This process opens up veins or fissures in the bedrock and reaches out to bring the water to the well.  Our Success rate is over 95% at increasing well yields using this process.


After the well drilling is completed and the depth, flow, and static level is determined, we then select the correct size pump and expansion tank to best utilize the  water in your well. We use quality  Gould, Berkely and Grundfus  pumps. Whether supplying water for a single-family home or business, we are licensed to handle all aspects of pump installations.

Constant Pressure:

Do you have 5 bathrooms in your house and have problems with water pressure when more than 2 people are taking a shower.  A new and fast-growing favorite alternative to standard pumps are state-of-the-art constant pressure pumps  also know as VFD, these pump systems have many benefits. The constant pressure system continuously monitors water usage and changes the pump speed to keep up with demand. This unique system eliminates pressure and temperature fluctuations; bathtubs and washing machines fill quicker, operation is quieter, and the pump has built in protection.


Do you have an older metal well tank that is rusting out?  At Thunder Well we know that your expansion tank is an integral component in supplying water pressure from the well to your faucet, we install quality Flex Lite Fiberglass tanks in a variety of sizes that is just right for your application.


If you’re currently paying for a drinking water delivery service or hauling water jugs home from the store each week…SIMPLIFY LIFE and have Thunder Well test your water and install the correct water Filtration system for your needs.  We install, Iron filtration, Water Softeners, Sulfur Filters, Cartridge filter, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Whole House filters, UV Light technology, Acid Neutralizers.  We Can install a Reverse osmosis (RO) filter at your kitchen sink in no time. With a handy water spigot installed at the sink (we can also tie your system into your fridge water line) most families find they start drinking more water and save thousands of dollars a year.

24 Hour Emergency Service We Are Here to Help Anytime!

There aren’t many emergencies more severe than your water supply being cut off, which is why Thunder Well provides prompt emergency well pump services.   Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer, all it takes is a call and we will do our best to quickly handle the problem ourselves.

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