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Water Treatment

Thunder well and pump company offers a wide range of different filtration needs. We can install cartridge filters and housings, media filter systems, water softeners, injection pumps, and UV lights. We can provide you a complete water analysis that is done at our office for free. We will also gladly provide you an estimate for a complete filtration.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are used to remove contaminants, and keep your water clean. Depending on your application and specific filtration needs, different filter types will be required. Our filters help reduce turbidity (cloudiness), small sediment, oxidized iron and mineral. We carry a variety of cartridges to meet your needs such as:

Pleated Filter Cartridge
Carbon Filter Cartridge
Melt blown Filter Cartridge
Rusco Spin Down Filter – Sand Separator

UV Lights

UV technology is proven to control microbiological (bacteria & virus) issues in water including E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia..

Various water filtration sales and services for your needs

Water softeners
Iron filters
Sulfur Filters
Cartridge Filters
Ultra Violet Purifiers
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Reduce Bad Taste & Odors
Whole House Filters
Acid Neutralizer
Bacteria Chemicals
Chlorination Systems

Healthier water for your home or business

Do you suspect that you have low-quality water running through your pipes? If so, we can help. At Thunder Well and Pump Company, we solve water quality issues with our effective water treatment in the Concord, NH area. Our experienced team has the tools to decontaminate your water and give you a long-lasting peace of mind.

Oftentimes, the feeling, taste, odor, and sight of your home’s water indicate its quality. If don’t know whether or not you have low-quality water, look for the following signs:

Hard – leaves spots on dishes and cooking utensils
Cloudy – looks murky and leaves hands, mouth, and clothes dirty
Salty – tastes like ocean water
Metallic – tastes like iron or smells like a rotten egg
Chlorinated – smells like a swimming pool
Detergent – causes several water-borne diseases
Sandy – leaves a gritty feeling in mouth

Our Services

As a family-oriented business, we understand the importance of protecting your family, so we’ll gladly help you with any water purification issues. Our simple, but effective water treatment requires only four basic steps:

1. Coagulation
2. Sedimentation – A stand-still 24 hour period allows clumps to settle.
3. Filtration – The treatment filters the water and disinfects it with chlorine.
4. Aeration – The treatment removes contaminants, making the water ready for consumption.

Depending on your particular water quality issues, our team is equipped to suit our services to meet your needs.

Free Testing and Consultation

We start by finding out what is in your water. There is no charge for our initial visit. We perform field testing, compare results with EPA and other water standards, and discuss the results with you.

  • Water tests are performed on site.
  • Lab tests, which require independent analysis, require a modest fee.

To correct problems, your final system design depends on your water. Technology options include automatic filters; solution feeders; reverse osmosis drinking water systems that remove major contaminants; activated carbon systems for taste, odor and chlorine removal; acid neutralizers for moderate/low pH correction; and ultra-violet light to disinfect microbes without using chemicals.

Our Experience

If you drink hard, cloudy, or salty water, our Thunder Well and Pump. experts are the professionals to turn to. With over seven decades of experience, we provide quality water treatment. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority—don’t let impurities affect your drinking water and health. Contact us today.

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